Apple iWatch: What The Curved Glass Wristwatch Design Could Look Like

We all know that wearable tech has gone from a trend in 2012 to a phenomenon in 2013, and the fact that there are still grumblings about the Apple iWatch makes a lot of people think the company could really be developing such a device. Of course, Apple isn’t commenting on such a wristwatch, and if they are developing one, it surely won’t be named an iWatch.

This past weekend, The Guardian reported that, “Apple has 100 employees looking at the device that will take advantage of recent developments in high-tech curved glass, cheaper sensors and better voice recognition software.” The truth is, Apple could be innovating on another device with curved glass, so we shouldn’t be so quick to think we’ll all be walking around with an Apple iWatch soon.

However, if there was such a gadget, what would it look like? The creative part of me hopes that if there will be an Apple iWatch, it will look like nothing we’ve ever seen before. I want to be ‘wowed’ by Apple, like we all were when we saw the first iPhone. Just like speculation for all Apple gadgets, everyone has a different opinion about what it might look like.

Just today, ars technica published an article called What The Rumored Apple iWatch Might Look Like, Inside & Out with enough juicy details to make even the most hardcore Android fan drool with delight. Yesterday, Business Insider published this image below of what the Apple iWatch might look like. It’s all anyone’s guess at this point. If it’s innovative and creative enough though, Apple could single-handedly make it cool to wear a watch again. Right now we all use our iPhones to check the time. Doesn’t that make an iWatch counterproductive? I guess not.

What The Apple iWatch Curved Glass Design Could Look Like

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Via: [Business Insider]