Apple Patent For A Wearable Bracelet Computer Arrives Just In Time

Everyone is talking about the rumored Apple wearable computer that we all refer to as the iWatch. As always, the amount of truth that is embedded in these rumors is of course very difficult to measure. Apple is known for keeping a tight security around what they are working on. However, since Tim Cook took the wheel, things have slightly leaned towards a more open relationship with the media. The news of a freshly filed Apple patent might give us some information about this iWatch.

So is Apple working on a wearable wrist computer? It’s almost impossible to know until Apple themselves say something about it. There are literally thousands and thousands of patents filed each year with the only purpose of preventing competing companies from creating something similar. It has even been known that some companies patent solutions for the sole purpose of preventing new technologies from stealing profits from older more redundant technologies. So what really is the truth here?

The fresh Apple patent comes just in time to build up the already exciting rumors of an Apple iWatch. As I always think when Apple does something – Is this a highly calculated move in order to ramp up the word of mouth rumor mill promotion engine? It certainly could be. But the Apple patent does proves a few things. It proves that Apple is at least considering the thought of a wearable computer in the form of an iWatch. It proves they have thought about the mechanics behind it enough to file the patent.

By the looks of it, things might just get a little more exciting during the next keynote. Of course, I doubt we’ll see the iWatch in an Apple store within the next 6 months (I would be happy if I am wrong). Apple has proved to move fast when they have things they want to get out there in order to beat the competition. I mean, Samsung has their Yuom prototype “thing,” so maybe Apple wants to secure their own place in the curved touchscreen spotlight with this new Apple patent. Will there be an iWatch announced one day? Let’s just say that if Apple doesn’t announce it, someone else will.

The Apple Patent That Might Be Proof Of The iWatch

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Via: [Popsci]