Apple Released A New iPhone, So Now What?

I woke up Wednesday morning to the furor of Apple’s new iPhone launch, and I wasn’t necessarily overly excited to hear the news – I’ve become a little lackluster by the fact that the whole technology world revolves around Apple. Apple finally launched their new iPhone 5 and, I dare say, it received a somewhat muted response from industry pundits. Yep, Apple have now released their fifth generation iPhone product, “Yipee!” Seriously, will we witness an incremental release every year to two years? I hope not. Likewise, is the entire innovator community sitting on their laurels waiting for Apple to make the first move?

What’s next? What will be the newest sexiest gadget to inspire a new generation of consumers to part with their hard-earned moolah? Samsung, HTC and Google all have just as exciting and equivalent smartphone range, yet the media seems to have placed the only industry spotlight on Apple. Come on, Android is a serious threat to iOS and vice versa. The dynamism of Android makes it such a joy to use, and it possesses a compelling developer community who has projected the operating system to the forefront of loyal geek and tech-enthusiast mindsets, as well as the not-so-tech-savvy consumers who simply desire a smartphone that’s fun to use and so different to what’s become the norm. Apple has stayed with the trusted look-and-feel that was evident in their first generation product – and I now want to play Devil’s advocate, as I wonder where Apple goes from here?

Surely we don’t have to wait for Apple to make the first move. There are undoubtedly many other innovators and industry leaders who can show us the way, right? Samsung, HTC, Google and Microsoft, for that matter, are taking charge and showing us that there’s more than Apple. Apple has never been the ‘Apple of my eye,’ and I sincerely hope that others take it upon themselves to ‘dream a better dream’ and direct the future technology.

Apple’s New iPhone Isn’t The Only Option.



Image Credits: [Sebbiegod / deviantART] [digitizor] [what laptop]