Aqua Tek S Ultra: Strongest Solar Powered iPhone Case To Date

I have friends who pretty much cover their entire iPhone with some weird looking case so the pioneering features of the phone itself don’t have a chance to shine, if that makes sense. I understand why they do that though since having a cell phone that is all scratched up because we have at some point bumped or dropped it isn’t exactly fun. Those scratches can annoy the hell out of you if they are in a bad place. We have featured a lot of cell phone cases here on Bit Rebels, and we are not about to stop just yet. The common theme lately has been that they are all made just to make our iPhones a little bit more personal. They are, as we say here, customization cases.

However, usually these cases aren’t very durable, and they don’t completely save your iPhone from being scratched over and over. They might even create scratches themselves. So, with that in mind, I wanted to write an article about a case for once that actually makes your iPhone completely… safe. This iPhone case called Aqua Tek S Ultra (I don’t know why, but I miss “extreme” somewhere in there… after all, they have used every other word meaning awesomeness in there) is probably the world’s most versatile iPhone case ever.

Just reading the name of it makes me think you could drop the entire planet on it, and your iPhone would still be in mint condition. But, that is not the case. This is; however, one of the few cases that will really keep your iPhone completely safe without getting scratched if you are out in the wilderness, climbing mountains, river paddling, cow jumping or bear boxing (or any other activity you might find fun during your vacation hike in the woods). Overall what I am trying to say is that this iPhone case should have just been given the name “Awesomeness,” and it would have covered it all because that is exactly what it is. For more information about this new case, check out Aqua Tek S Ultra’s Kickstarter Page.



Via: [Geeky Gadgets]