AR Tool Kit Generator

We had a visitor today in the office and his job is to help agencies and companies understand and learn the fundamental of AR Technology.  Augmented reality is becoming a household name, at least for us tech conscious people.  We would definitely love to see it progress and see more of the possibilities it can offer us in a practical manner.  I am just thrilled seeing it come alive.

For those who still do not know what augmented reality is, it is simply the superimposition of graphic images or virtual image on to the real world.  One needs a web camera, internet access, the program which is downloadable or one that is already installed on a site that you need to go to in order to access the software.  In order for you to activate the image to interact with you, one must have a marker.  The marker is usually printed out and placed in front of the computer so that one can view whatever virtual element can be activated by it.  I was reading more about the marker when I stumbled on a site that enables one to generate his or her own marker.  The author of the site even shared the process for how to go about it.  I have placed it here for you to check out.

How to use

  1. Design your original markers and print it.
  2. Open ARToolKit Marker Generator Online Multi.
  3. Set segments and marker size.
  4. Point your webcam at the printed markers.
  5. Push “Get Pattern” button when a red line encloses the markers. and go “save mode”.
  6. When “save mode” starts, Preview window appears.
  7. Red squares show all of detected markers.
  8. Green square shows the marker in the preview now.
  9. Preview Window has 6 buttons.
    • Push “Prev/Next” button to change marker.
    • Push “Delete” button to exclude current previewing marker from target.
    • Push “Save All” button to save all pattern file “*.zip”.
    • Push “Save Current” button to save previewing pattern file “*.pat”.
    • Push “Cancel” button or close window to end “save mode”.

You can read more about his work HERE.