Are Used Cars Worth Buying Today?

The representatives of many car brands won’t tell you the truth, but the best advice is to buy a used car instead of buying a new one, because then, in addition to saving money, you will not give up altogether, but on the contrary. And if we can say this, it’s because those brands produced excellent products six or eight years ago, so good that today they are still highly recommended. You can use the vin search to make sure the proper quality of these models.

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Financial Savings – Nothing Depreciates More Than A New Car

Let’s start with “it hurts us all” and that’s the point. As you have heard on many occasions, buying a new car is the fastest way to lose money, even in the first year, your new car can depreciate perfectly up to 20%. In other words, considering that the average cost in our country for a new car is about $18,000, in the first year you will lose about $3,000. From there you can imagine.

For this depreciation, we have to factor in the price of optional equipment, which can raise the bill by a few thousand dollars on your new car, but when it comes to selling it on very rare occasions, it will help, only if you have it. The used goods market is governed by three basic parameters: age, mileage, and motorization.

However, this point is very positive if you are the one who bought the car, as you can access those extras as “more perks” like leather seats, hi-fi sound system, or panoramic roof without paying an extra dollar. It’s just a matter of finding the right unit.

Depreciation is a big enemy when it comes to buying a new car, and at the same time, the best ally when it comes to buying a used car.

Finally, to close this section of the economy, we only need to talk about the most obvious thing, which is that buying a used car involves lower spending. To put some data into place, instead of the $18,000 that the average person spends on a new car in our country, in the case of a used car, that figure drops to around $12,500. In a better bid, you can get a lower price. You can try it by participating in an auction event such as ABETTERBID or SCA.

But it’s not just the initial savings, but in terms of purchase financing, because with a lower amount you will pay less interest, and you can repay the loan earlier, or in lower installments, which will affect your economic situation.

Uncertainty Regarding The Environment And The Future Of The Sector

Given the current times and, above all, the uncertainty that exists in legislative matters, a used car is the best option, as it allows us to make small expenses and makes us wait a few more years. On the one hand, the purchase of a diesel car is something that raises a series of doubts that are very reasonable for every interested party, because on the one hand, they are still the best choice for those who travel many kilometers, but on the other hand, they are not recommended. , related to the emissions they produce.

In any case, you will not regret buying a used car if you take the choosing and buying process responsibly.

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