The Argument For Tech Increasing Personal Safety

As a society, we are becoming more and more dependent on technology each day. It’s indisputably an integral part of everyday life whether we like it or not. Most people can see the benefits of technology and how useful these gadgets and big data can be to improving our efficiency as humans. But others get bogged down by the threat of reliance on technology becoming dangerous.

Digital privacy is a scary thing; with a couple of clicks of the right buttons, it’s not too challenging to learn virtually everything you could ever need to know about a person. There’s very little left to the imagination thanks to the massive amounts of data every site collects on us.

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Change can seem overwhelming – which is why many people reject it. But the truth is, the benefits largely outweigh the risks when it comes to technology. The risks of relying more on tech may seem daunting, but it’s time to reframe tech in the personal safety realm.

At any given college across America, there have probably been hundreds of crimes in the past few years tainting the safety of the campus. And crime isn’t just a problem at universities. Physical violence and crime is a problem that’s been going on for centuries. Instead of being afraid of the power of technology taking over, we can harness its capabilities to combat other problems.

Of course, you could make the argument that this technology will allow for criminals to more effectively pull off their schemes, though the technology is already accessible to criminals. Not taking advantage of digital resources is putting yourself at an unequal playing field with predators.

For example, there are dozens of apps designed specifically for students at college that allow users to connect with others or alert authorities of their location in emergencies. While you may not like that these apps are collecting data on your whereabouts, the tracking feature can come in handy in situations of life or death.

Other gadgets can take home security to the next level. From cameras to smart locks, you can rest assured that your belongings are safe – even when you’re away from home. People often have trust issues in that technology could malfunction, exposing your home and everything in it to local thieves and criminals.

However, this advanced technology is incredibly mature and reliable. You can probably trust it more than your next-door neighbor who may be tempted to snag something of yours they’ve had their eye on.

Overall, technology can add one more layer of security to all of your items. It can be annoying to have to verify a code on your phone to access your email. Still, two-step verification can go a long way in fighting off hackers and keeping your confidential information confidential.

Ultimately, there is a trade-off made in giving up a little bit of digital privacy to gain a lot more digital security. That trade may seem scary, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Society is adapting and changing as we speak – it’s time that we adapt with it and take back our personal safety once and for all.

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