Art Meets Technology | Dazzling Designs

It’s always mind bending to me when things that normally don’t go together, suddenly fit together well. I wouldn’t think that crafts and technology necessarily go together, but as the students in the Media Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology show us, anything is truly possible.

Under the guidance of the always innovative textile genius, Leah Buechley, the students in the “High-Low Tech” research group created this insanely cool art installation using a unique combination of textiles and technology.

Becky Stern @bekathwia conducts the interview in the video below, and she truly captures the essence and inspiration for this unique form of arts and crafts. When you look at this installation, notice the incredible attention to detail. The magnetic connections and lights on the flowers are fabulous.

Each board can wirelessly connect to a computer, so the installation itself is networked. The jumpsuit that interacts with the computer to play a game similar to Simon is also quite ingenuous. This research group of students also works with conductive and magnetic paint, which are mediums I’m very interested in.

You can check out the school website for more information on their projects here: This video showcases their supreme creativity for sure!