Naemura Lab First To Create Realistic Holographic Interaction

The race to create a fully functioning and realistic hologram has been going on pretty much since the first time we saw them in movies. But, there is another race going on parallel to it as well, and that is to make the hologram interactive. This is not easy by any extent of the imagination and takes quite some advanced technology to pull off. Naemura Lab at the University of Tokyo is first to create a realistic holographic interaction system.

We have stumbled over the topic a few times through the years here at Bit Rebels, and we have featured a few concepts that were working but didn’t have a very realistic result. Usually holographic interaction is slow as it takes the computer, projector and the cameras a while to process the images and then create a new frame to project. This is a technology that Naemura Lab has been able to crack.

In their demo video, they showcase a fully immersive hologram that you can interact with. So far the projected hologram is only 2D, but the interaction seems to be working flawlessly. The aim was to create a hologram that intelligently always wanted to stand on the highest point in the holographic viewing field. The height is adjusted by wooden blocks, but the hologram is so intelligent that you can even use your hands to bounce and interact with it in realtime.

Realistic holographic presentation has always been hard to accomplish as we have yet to figure out how to display pixels in mid air without using anything but beams. There are several ways to do it, but they are quite dangerous to interact with. Holographic interaction is something that is becoming more and more popular, and as always, when more people work on solving a problem, we usually don’t have to wait too long for an optimized solution to it. It is going to be interesting seeing what the Naemura Lab can achieve with their holographic interaction system in the future. I am quite sure that if the system can be refined and coupled with a realistic 3D holographic system, we could be looking at one of the most impressive holograms to date.

Naemura Lab’s Holographic Interaction System

Naemura Lab Holographic Interaction

Naemura Lab Holographic Interaction

Naemura Lab Holographic Interaction