Future ATM Machines To Feature Holographic Floating Interface

Usually when something technological is introduced into our world, it gets refined, updated and innovated every once in a while. When it comes to ATM machines, that is not the case. For as long as most of us can remember, these money stocked machines have looked and operated the same way. It’s like time has stopped. But innovation from a company called Asukanet could change that and give us an ATM machine with a holographic floating interface.

Asukanet recently unveiled their latest innovation in the form of an Aerial Imaging (AI) Plate that is not only going to send ATM machines into the next decade, but also make operating these machines a whole lot more secure. Since the AI plate is designed to make the image appear in mid air, the user never has to touch the actual screen. This in turn makes these future ATM machines a whole lot more sanitized as well. Germs accumulating in keyboards have long been a problem both in public places as well as in our own homes.

The fact that the viewing angle of the display is plus/minus 20 degrees from an axis at 45 degrees to the plate means that people standing around you will not be able to see what you are doing unless they stand directly behind you. Today’s ATM machines usually have a line where people are supposed to stand while someone is operating the machine in order to give the person more privacy. With this floating interface, that will not be necessary.

Furthermore, gesture sensors will detect what buttons you want to click while using the floating interface and clicking in mid air. The whole concept is quite impressive when you look deeper into its possibilities. Not only can this technology be used for ATM machines, but it can also be used by car manufacturers, slot machine manufacturers, and builders of new homes and hotels. Whether or not we’ll see floating interfaces in our cars in the near future is more of a question of whether or not auto manufacturers are daring enough to take a step into the future.

Aerial Imaging Plate – Floating Interface Technology

Asukanet Holographic Floating Interface

Asukanet Holographic Floating Interface

Asukanet Holographic Floating Interface