Audiolicious: Cubic Speakers With The Perfect Design Touch

What would an iPhone, iPod or whatever MP3 player be without speakers? Sure you’d have those tiny ear buds, but that doesn’t start a party, besides, it only involves your selfish self listening to your favorite songs. For speakers, we usually either go for something plain like the average iPhone dock with a couple of small speakers attached to it, or we go for something that will make everyone drool over every chord ever played on our system.

The new and hot concept speakers from Formboten are more than what you could ever expect from those small docks that companies around the world keep telling us to get. This system is a state of the art audio system that enables you to blast your music wirelessly or by USB. The system that goes by the name “Edge” also has the ability to play your music through bluetooth which makes the whole thing better than best.

It comes in a palette of colors and patterns, but the best part about it all is that you can setup as many speakers you want at home. It doesn’t really matter cause they are all set to work on their own. You can set the volume for each speaker and place them around the house where you want your music to be heard. Within this speaker is a subwoofer element, as well as a high and mid range tweeter speaker. I can hardly wait to get a few of these. It audiolicious!