Augmented Reality Enters The Kingdom Of… Cookies!

Oh hell yes!! I’m so excited about this one. I love technology almost as much as I love cookies; so combining them both is like finding the Holy Grail to me.

Look out Willy Wonka; augmented reality has entered your kingdom! A group of extremely smart people at the University of Tokyo, led by Tajuki Narumi, recently created a device that allows any cookie to taste like… well, any cookie.

This technology uses augmented reality, a head mounted camera, an air pump, and some cookies! The augmented reality projected image combined with the air pump, which blows the smell of your selected flavor into your nose actually fools your brain into thinking you are eating that particular flavor of cookie. In other words, I could eat a zero calorie cookie that would normally taste like cardboard, but with this technology, that exact same cookie could taste like a s’more when I eat it. See, I told you… #hellyeah

[via technabob]