Augmented Reality Virtual Mirror: Try Before You Buy Online

The number of people shopping online has skyrocketed in recent years, and it seems the technology to make that experience richer and more convenient is moving just as fast.  We’ve written about augmented reality as it applies to making purchases before, and this is a new application to add to the list. Although most things are easy to purchase online, there are a few things that we really need to see “on us” before buying them to make sure they are just right. Clothes and jewelry, for women especially, fall into this category.

Boutique Accessories, a popular jewelry site, created this “virtual mirror.” It is a mirror based on augmented reality which will allow you to use your webcam to see how each piece of jewelry will look on your before making your purchase. You just go to the site and follow the instructions for “how to use your virtual mirror.

According to the video below, it uses sophisticated face detection technology. There are even motion capture and gesture controls. And, of course, it allows you to take a picture and upload it to facebook so you can get your friend’s opinions of your possible jewelry purchase.  I give this company big props for not only creating this, but for also incorporating the social media aspect since sharing more and more with our friends online is definitely the way our future is headed. Unlike many companies out there today, this one definitely knows what’s up. Nice!

Online Shopping Made Easier

Internet Shopping Made Easier

Via: [Chip Chick]