LED Tie Automatically Plays Tetris For Everyone To See

Every once in a while we all like to look spiffy for special occasions. There are various ways to look sharp, and it’s up to everyone’s preference. There will be a time though when you will want to look a little different than the crowd. Some may put on a lime green suit, while others hook their sleeves up with Star Trek cufflinks. When it comes to looking like a true geek, the LED tie is the only thing that will make you look completely different from ordinary people at the party.

The creator behind this LED tie is super geek Bill Porter, and it’s the kind of creation that will have you really stand out in a crowded room. Bill decided that an ordinary necktie was just not enough, and he took it upon himself to put together a better kind of tie, or rather, an LED tie. But it’s just not any tie you see, it’s actually an LED tie that automatically plays Tetris for everyone to see.

When worn and turned on, the Tetris blocks fall from the knot all the way down to the bottom of the LED tie, and when the blocks have been stacked all the way to the top it resets. It’s a constant loop of random blocks that will have the most boring crowd light up with pure joy. Not only that, but it’s a sure conversation starter that will put you in the center of it all. Can you handle it you think?

If you’re wondering how it’s made, we can reveal that Bill uses 80 WS2811 based RGB LED pixels and a DigiSpark microcontroller to make sure it lights up and that the blocks are random and reset when stacked to the top. It’s a rather simple contraption where the mechanism is taped to the back of a white clip-on necktie. Future versions of the tie will incorporate an API that will enable real gameplay according to Bill himself. When that version will be available is for the future to decide. You can’t get a geekier tie than this, that’s for sure!

Bill Porter’s Automatic Tetris LED Tie



Via: [psfk]