Autonomous Pizza-Delivering Robots To Start Trial In Europe

Ordering a pizza in the future could be a whole different experience than it is today. A new company by the name of Starship Technologies (pretty rad name) wants to turn pizza delivery into an autonomous business. Today, ordering a delivery pizza is a micro social endeavor, but it could soon be a thing of the past. Soon, we could be looking at autonomous pizza-delivering robots when we go to pick them up outside our doors.

The first stage for these six-wheeled robots is a trial in Europe where humans will be controlling their every movement. Why not go autonomous instantly you ask? Well, these trials are not only for perfecting their ability to navigate but to see the customer reaction to the whole project. If successful, the autonomous robots will be let free and roam the streets with delicious pizzas in their cargos.

The robots themselves have the same bells and horns as any other autonomous vehicle these days. You know, cameras, speakers, sensor, the whole lot. Once the robot has reached its destination, a PIN will be texted to the customer who is the only one who can open the valuable cargo. Also, the cameras and loudspeakers will be what guards the autonomous robots against theft and vandalism.

These robots will now start trials in Europe, and the forecast looks promising. In London, it costs up to £12 to £15 to have a package delivered to your door. [pullquote]Starship Technologies wants to lower door-to-door delivery costs to £1.[/pullquote] An incredible optimization that manual delivery vehicles and organizations are just not capable of.

The people behind Starship Technologies are Skype co-founders Ahti Heinla and Janus Friis. A formidable duo who have proven they know what customers want. It’s pretty simple really. Give customers a lot for a little and you have a successful business if you can turn a profit.

Time will tell whether this project is going to be successful or not. Hopefully, these autonomous science fiction robots will one day deliver my pizza. I would have nothing against that at all. Having to pay just a fraction of what ordering delivery pizza costs today is not exactly something I would mind.

What are your thoughts? Will this adorable little robot satisfy your customer experience? Let us know in the comment section below.

Six-Wheeled Pizza-Delivering Autonomous Robots

Pizza-Delivering Autonomous Robots

Pizza-Delivering Autonomous Robots

Pizza-Delivering Autonomous Robots