Awesome Digital Billboard!

Toyota has released a new iPhone app that attempts to educate as well as advertise the features of the Prius car… in particular it’s Draw feature is the funkiest as it allows you and your iPhone to interact with a large screen over in Times Square New York. When you have downloaded the application you load it up and draw on the screen. Your drawings are then thrown up on to the huge screen and mixed with the Prius. Although I say it’s the funkiest part of the app, admittedly it’s not that amazing, but still kind of cool in a weird way.

Other features of the Prius iPhone App include 360 degree views of the interior and exterior of the car along with interaction with the camera on the phone as well as a 10 level game that makes use of the accelerometer in some shape or form.

Using the new Prius iPhone App, users can see their drawings created on the iPhone displayed on the Reuters digital billboard in Times Square October 26 to 28. The Prius Experience App has four modes — including “Draw,” the one showcased here — to help educate and entertain iPhone™ users interested in learning more about the EPA-rated 50 MPG 2010 Toyota Prius hybrid.

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