Badge Spy Camera: There’s A Secret Behind The Smile!

If you are having thoughts about switching out professions in order to live out your movie dreams and become a secret agent (or just a pervert with a secret camera), then you have probably seen countless small and secretive cameras on the Internet. Some are high-end spy cameras, while others fill a more comical use. However, it can be hard to point the camera right in front of you, if you want to be secretive and act like nothing is out of the ordinary. I mean, flashing the iPhone in front of you and acting like the subject you’re trying to film doesn’t know about it, is as you understand, not going to work. You have probably revealed your intentions before you even press record.

But if you just want to go Ashton Kutcher for a while and play a trick on someone without revealing that you’re recording the whole thing, then I can suggest this new Smiley Spy Camera Badge. For just $35, you will be able to record 720×480 resolution captures without even anyone knowing about it. The smiley badge has a the lens well hidden in one of it’s eyes, and detection is slim to none.

Remember though, pointing a secret camera at someone can be provoking behavior, and if you have any respect for people’s privacy, I suggest you use a regular camera and ask for permission before shooting video of them. If you go the other route then you will have to accept the consequences of your actions if someone lashes out on you. #JustSaying!