Bamboo: The New Hype Material For A Keyboard And Mouse!

At first, I was a little skeptic when I saw this new keyboard and mouse made out of bamboo. However, it turned out to be the new cool and the latest in a string of gadgets in Asia to go viral. So much so, that it’s actually considered the geekiest thing to have right now. It’s rapidly spreading throughout the world, and being it’s the fastest growing tree, it’s quite a good fit. Just plant new trees and the material will be in abundance, and we don’t have to deforest the rest of the world. However, at the rate these things are selling, I don’t know if it will be much of an environmentally aware solution. I am not an expert on the matter, so I don’t dare make any estimations, but for the time being I totally think it’s a cool idea.

Not only does it look really cool, I can imagine the keys being really sexy to punch as well. It’s the same thing when it comes to a piano. If the keyboard doesn’t have weighted keys, it feels non-responsive and bleak, but with them, it’s almost like playing on a real piano. Just the thought of coding a website on that bamboo keyboard is making it an absolute dream to have. Hopefully it doesn’t carry hollowed out keys which make the whole keyboard feel icky and plastic just like… a regular one.

I have yet to find a keyboard that feels awesome and inspiring. Every time I visit a store with computers and keyboards in it, I try a couple out just to see if I can find one that is better than the one I already have. As you can imagine, I haven’t. I have a few here that I am constantly switching just to get a different feel for what I am doing. This bamboo one isn’t very expensive either. You’ll get the mouse and the keyboard for just $52. They are available over at