Beastgrip Pro Turns Your Smartphone Into A Professional Photography Rig

I didn’t think that smartphone photography could become any more popular but it just keeps growing. The number of photography accessories that keep flooding the market is remarkable. There is something for everyone. If you want the ultimate accessory to up your game as a smartphone photographer you need the new Beastgrip Pro. It’s one of those amazing gadgets that if you don’t at least have a look at it, you shouldn’t call yourself a smartphone photographer.

The number of features implemented into this “case” is nothing less than astounding. The thing is, I don’t know whether to call this a case or a rig. It’s huge and placing your smartphone in the middle of it makes it feel like it’s lost in tech wonderland.

[pullquote]Beastgrip Pro will turn your smartphone into a professional photography rig.[/pullquote] Why? Well, have a look at it and you will understand. The rig itself leaves nothing to be wanted. You have a secure grip of the whole thing while you will be able to add DSLR lenses to the rig itself. The sensors on most smartphones are decent enough to allow you to use professional lenses, and the Beastgrip Pro is the perfect mount for that.

If you want the best then it will, unfortunately, cost you. The rig itself, without any accessories, will cost you a cool $139.99 and you can get one over at Amazon. If you want to buy some or all of the available accessories to your Beastgrip Pro, then you can find them all over at Amazon as well.

I am curious to see the real quality achieved with this rig. If anyone of you awesome readers is using one, please don’t hesitate to send us a few of your pictures and we’ll include them in this article along with credits and a link.

Is this rig for you or is it perhaps a little bit too feature dense? Let us know in the comment section below. We always want to hear what you guys think about the product we cover here on Bit Rebels.

Beastgrip Pro – Professional Photography Rig

Beastgrip Pro Smartphone Photography Rig

Beastgrip Pro Smartphone Photography Rig

Beastgrip Pro Smartphone Photography Rig

Beastgrip Pro Smartphone Photography Rig