Becoming An A+ Getter – 6 Free Study Help Resources For Students

Ever since the Internet and technology have deeply rooted into our everyday lives, people have been discovering and testing the new opportunities that these innovations have brought us. We keep searching for ways to use these technologies to make our lives simpler. And we find them.

Modern students spend lots of their time online. It is not a secret that most of the time, it is about pointlessly surfing the web and entertaining themselves. But, there is another side to it. Thanks to the Internet, students now have access to thousands of handly study websites and tools.

The resources available out there can serve a variety of purposes. They can help you gain new skills, brush up on the ones you already have, manage your time effectively, get ready for exams, and handle your homework. All you need is to know what resources are out there and learn to use them right.

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An A-Level Student’s Help Kit – Top 6 Free Resources You Need To Know About

If you want to boost your GPA and become a high-achiever, the first thing you need to know is that you already have everything you need to succeed. You just need to recognize it and start using the available tools.

In this article, we’ve gathered some of the handiest resources that are free of charge and can be used to stimulate your academic achievements. Each of these resources and tools is meant for a specific purpose. Whether it is studying, test prep, time management, or anything else, here are the resources you need to succeed as a student:


If you are looking for a study help site with everything you may ever need to become an A+ getter, then Studyfy is a perfect solution! This platform should be bookmarked by every student who is looking to enhance academic performance.

Here, you can find every kind of assistance you need. Studyfy offers you several handy services, including homework help, proofreading, and editing. Apart from that, here you can find lots of helpful information and tools. The site features an extensive collection of great essay samples on a variety of topics.

Also, many step-by-step writing guides will help you take your skills to the next level to get the highest grades for your assignments. Finally, there is a wide range of great essay writing tools. All tools come free of charge and can be used by anyone. Here are some of the key tools you can find here:

  • Plagiarism Checker;
  • Grammar Checker;
  • Summarizer;
  • Thesis Statement Generator;
  • Citation Generator;
  • Word Counter;
  • Title Page Generator;
  • And much more!


The next resource you should start using ASAP is GoConqr. It is a free online platform that brings together students of all ages and lets them share great learning resources with each other. What’s in there for you? Lots of stuff. At GoConqr, students can discover a huge library of tools designed for building knowledge. Some of these tools are notes, flashcards, mind maps, quizzes, courses, flowcharts, slides, and much more.

Also, on this site, you will find some additional features such as a tool for collaborative learning, a convenient study planner, and a handy way for tracking the progress. GoConqr is a truly versatile resource. We believe that it will come in handy for every student out there. And the best part of it is that you can join it for free.


The next handy tool we’d like to share with you is Evernote. This is a perfect day-to-day helper every student should have at hand. Evernote is a free online tool for smart note-taking. Its features are just priceless for students as it allows you to have your notes, information, and research all in one place and access them anytime from any device.

Evernote synchronizes across multiple devices, including your computer, tablet, and smartphone. Also, it has some convenient features for sharing your files with other users and collaborating on them.

When can you benefit from using it? Pretty much in any situation! Evernote will come in handy for taking notes inside a class, writing your academic papers, organizing your research and ideas, and it can also benefit you in a variety of non-academic tasks.


Our next recommendation, HowToStudy, is an open and absolutely free tool for learning pretty much anything. This website collects a huge number of helpful study resources on a variety of subject matters from all over the Internet and gives you free access to all of them. Students love this website for its convenience and ease of use. Here, you can quickly find the needed materials on almost any topic.

Marinara Timer

Have you ever heard about the Pomodoro method? If not, you are missing a whole bunch of opportunities in terms of your everyday productivity. The core idea behind the Pomodoro method is to keep your study (or work) sessions short and integrate a regular, 5-minute break in between them. This method is known for boosting productivity, increasing attention span, and reducing stress.

Marinara Timer is a great free resource that will help you start using the Pomodoro method with ease. It makes it easy to reshape your study sessions. With its help, you can customize a personal timer to work and learn effectively.

Even if you have never done this before, give it a try, and you may be surprised by how soon you will become more productive than ever. And, respectively, your grades will boost along with your productivity.

Khan Academy

For those of you who are looking to take your studies further outside the classroom, Khan Academy is a perfect assistant. This is the last free resource on our list. It has a huge library of materials and courses on a wide range of subjects.

When you join Khan Academy, you can pick your interests and get handy suggestions on what courses might suit you. With this tool, you can become an A+ getter right from the comfort of your home.

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