Beer Pong Arcade Game Set To Reach Your Corner Pub Soon

There are a lot of different drinking games that could liven up a party like nothing else. The most common one, and the one most people probably know about, is of course beer pong (also called Beirut). There are no official rules for beer pong, and they can vary quite a bit. The general rules are that you position six to ten plastic cups with beer in them on each end of a table. Then each team tries to hit the opponents’ cups with ping pong balls. If one team hits a cup, the other team has to drink.

Well, that’s the analog version of it. Recently a new kind of arcade game was announced, and it could come to change the way we sometimes play beer pong. It’s an electronic beer pong machine which would be the ultimate pub arcade game. The rules are the same, but you have high scores and a whole lot of other statistics available. As you might suspect, this concept could really put a dent in beer sales if it’s put into pubs all around the world.

This new quite awesome arcade machine comes from the beasts over at Bay Tek Games. It could come to eclipse the ordinary and usually boring arcade games available today. New ideas are always welcome within the industry of arcade gaming, and this one is definitely one of the coolest ones so far. Even though these cups (which are fitted with lights inside) aren’t filled with beer, there are still ways to make this a true beer game. Just put a bunch of beer on a side table and you are ready to go. When you hit a light the opponent has to drink a beer. Simple as that.

The beer pong arcade game units can be connected together to make an even larger console. Up to four units can be connected, which is enough to support a 16 man game. Not to shabby, right? The beer pong arcade game is currently being demoed to countless pubs and bars, and it could become a common game in your local pub or bar within the near future.

Beer Pong Arcade Game Machine



Via: [Technabob]