BendDesk: Your Future Work Desk Hints Of Minority Report

We all wonder what the future will have in store for us. With people like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates thinking up the next generation gadgets, I am sure we have something truly inspiring to look forward to. However, some remarks made by these people still hint that a full sized vertical touch screen is nothing that will be beneficial in the long run. I have pondered this since I heard Steve Jobs say it, and I still can’t agree. If the screen is big enough, I see no reason why it wouldn’t be beneficial to use it. I sure would enjoy the work space, and to stand up would make my day more physical for a change.

Researched and developed by The Media Computing Group, this new concept hopes to narrow the gap between the horizontal and the vertical screens that we use every day. The flat bed screens are becoming ever more popular in public and also in our homes, so these steps seem like a full circle returning to its home base.

It’s easy to see why it’s dubbed the BendDesk. Using a bunch of infrared lights, three cameras and two projectors, it will track all ten of your fingers and thus create a fully body compatible work desk where your creativity is only limited by your inspiration. Don’t expect this concept design to be available to you soon though. There are still leaps of technology upgrades before it will be commercially attractive.

Via [BGR]