Bendy-M: Hollow Stick Mouse Made From Future Technologies

Are you tired of the conventional and ordinary mouse designs that we see today? There have been many attempts to try and refine, originalize and re-design the conventional mouse to meet the market’s need for upgrades and freshness. More times than not, the new and exciting designs, expressed by the designers, have met dire reviews and many times a huge failure when launched. To create a really good mouse is harder than people realize.

Microsoft, Apple, Dell, and a bunch of others have tried their fortune in this field but to no avail. Apple had a really good chance with their wireless mighty mouse, but as people started using it, they soon found out that the scroll wheel was a defect and started acting up after only a few weeks. Apple was quick to give people some pointers on how to get it working again. The solutions were everything from slightly wetting a piece of cloth and rubbing the scroll wheel for a few seconds to buying a can of compressed air and blowing it into the mouse. None of the tips really worked or they worked only temporarily.

Designer Kim Hye-shin wants to end all that with this futuristic designed mouse called the “Bendy-M“. It is basically a stick which you can easily carry around with you and when you need the mouse, you just twist and bend it to the right shape. On the stick are some optical sensors that will track the mouse’s movements along with a few buttons located at the right place when you twist and lock the stick into the right bend.

It’s quite an interesting concept, but I wonder if it will ever beat the new mouse from Apple where you can scroll by just running your fingers on the surface of the mouse top body. It’s a sort of touch surface which works as a multi-gesture surface. It’s up to you really if this new concept will ever see the light of day. Do you think it’s a good concept or should it be scrapped right away?