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Google workspace is one of the most significant and comprehensive working ecosystems on the internet. Formerly known as G-suite, the Google workspace includes Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive (Sheets, Docs, etc), Google Meet, Chat, and many more platforms.

As you can imagine, it’s handy having all of your work, communication, and schedule in one place. In fact, Google even has smart features where it detects dates written in your Gmail and adds the events to your calendar. These kinds of automated interactions save a tonne of time for the user.

Google Workspace is used by many types of workers. A good example is an SME, content writer, or student. They can use Google Docs to write on, and because it’s always in the cloud, the document automatically saves every time you edit (every letter typed).

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Because it’s saved in the cloud, it can be accessed anywhere. On the university campus, for example, you can log into any PC and access all of your files, emails, and communication. Further, this of course extends to mobile too, with the mobile version of Sheets, Docs, and so on being very UI-friendly and responsive.

Working on the cloud is no doubt the way forward. The only issue is the matter of space. Because your files are being saved on Google’s server as opposed to your own local hard drive, they are paying for that space. Google actually offers some free space, but if you want more (i.e. your 15,000 photos have used up a lot of the GBs), then you will typically have to pay.

Paying for extra Drive space isn’t the same as Google workspace, though. Whilst simply using Google Drive and other aspects of Google Workspace is free, the whole Google Workspace package has monthly fees. The different plans relate to different business packages, which combine custom business email with higher video meeting participation capacity, greater cloud storage, and business security and support.

Google Workspace Price

It depends on the country Google Workspace has a different price, for example, in the UK the packages range anywhere from £4.14/$6 up to £13.80+ per user, per month.

Google Workspace FREE

You could use the 14 day trial in Desamark website to test out the service and see if it feels intuitive to you.
Whilst everyone is different, Google Workspace is the number 1 market leader for good reason.

Google Workspace Promo Code

Fortunately, there are some effortless ways of getting a discount. Most notably, Desamark provides a Google Workspace promo code that lands the user 10% off during the first year of Google Workspace. This could be a significant money saver, particularly if you’re paying for multiple users.

Here is a video explaining how to use and apply Google Workspace promo code

You can follow the Desamark Youtube channel in order to get the latest promotions and guides regarding Google Workspace. There are also plenty of Google Workspace tutorials in general, to help users get to grips with the ecosystem and realize its full potential.

Whilst it’s not included in the Google Workspace per se, Google can even appeal to programmers through their Colaboratory platform – a space to write Python code and execute it with free access to GPUs and zero configuration required.

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