The Benefits Of On-screen Takeoffs & Estimating Software

Accuracy when creating a takeoff is critical. But on large projects, when deadlines put you under pressure, there’s always room for errors to creep in. That’s where the increasingly popular move to on-screen takeoffs come in.

Instead of taking measurements off blueprints or plans, an on-screen takeoff allows you to work off digital plans using takeoff software. The software comes with tools that replace the traditional methods of measuring and other data required for putting together a takeoff.

Contractors may be nervous about relying on technology to replace a process they have done manually for years, but the benefits are hard to ignore. Let’s look at some of the critical benefits of on-screen takeoffs.

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An online takeoff is convenient. Instead of being tied to a cold and wet building site to produce a takeoff you can do the same work at home or in your office. Convenience and comfort are great benefits, but imagine how much fuel and time you’ll save without having to drive to the location of the build several times a week. You can use this free time to working on more bids or dedicating your efforts into growing your business.

You’ll save time. Using the software you can quickly calculate the amount of material you need to order for a project. An on-screen takeoff takes up to 75 percent quicker to put together than a manual process. In real time this means you could spend a couple of hours instead of a full day putting together the information you need for a build. This means you can submit a bid on time even if the deadline is tight.

With more time available you can again focus on growing your business and margins. Because the information is all retained online, you can also revisit the takeoff after a project is complete to see where there were inefficiencies that impacted on the profitability of the job. You can use this information to improve on your takeoff the next time you are asked to bid on a project.

You’ll also impress the potential client with your turnaround time, and you’ll be able to work on more estimates that come your way, but you’d typically have to decline. Adopting new software and technology also shows you are innovative and tech-savvy which will impress your potential clients and give you an edge against competitors that have been slow to move with the times.

The quality of your takeoff will improve. An on-screen takeoff increases accuracy because it eliminates misread measurements, duplication and other inevitable errors that manual takeoffs enable. Creating a manual estimate means that human errors can throw your calculations off and you may not pick these up even when you check and recheck the estimate. The on-screen takeoff software will guarantee you get accurate forecasts of the materials you need. This means less wastage on materials and less time wasted checking the data for inaccuracies.

You’ll save money. Less wastage will instantly translate into monetary savings. With an accurate estimate, you’ll order the exact quantities you need for a project. Wastage requires resources to store and then be disposed of, all of which cut into your margins and time.

But there’s another reason on-screen takeoffs are a cost-effective option. A blueprint is expensive to print, and this new technology means you can scratch this off your overheads. The plans are digitized and stored online which means everyone involved in the project can access them and use them to create reports or other documents. Your whole team will be able to access the information on site or from the office, without needing a physical blueprint.

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