Hail The Pocket-Sized Espresso Machine!

Are you a coffee drinker of magnitude? I am one of those tea fanatics instead. If I don’t get a cup of tea in the morning, you can pretty much be sure that my entire day is going to be one long stretch of constant mumbling about me not getting my tea on time. Nah, not really, but I do need my tea to get going in the morning. The same goes for most coffee drinkers I am sure. For some people, it’s the liquid of life, and without it, their entire reality is shaken to its core. However, sometimes acquiring a cup of coffee is like going through hell and back. At least that’s what it looks like when people drag their butts off into the kitchen at work, setup the coffee machine, find a cup, pour the coffee and then add whatever they need in it to drink it. Is that how it should be?

I mean, considering that more and more people are drinking espresso in the morning, mid-day and evening, you pretty much need one of those expensive machines to keep you loaded up all the time, right? I am not familiar with the whole espresso culture, but I know that having a mobile espresso machine in your pocket would be much more convenient. And, now there is one! Yeah, there’s ONE at least. It’s a one-off creation that lets the builder make and have his or her very own espresso whenever and wherever the desire might creep up.

Make Magazine published the schematics for a Pocket Espresso Machine for you to make. It’s an intricate design, and the blueprints aren’t exactly the easiest to follow by the looks of it, but they are there and the instructions are clear. All you need is… hmm… a bunch of stuff. Considering that when you are done putting this badboy together you will have your very own espresso pocket size brewer, and knowing the time it will take to get through it, this might not seem so epic after all. However, it’s a wonderful and clever creation to say the least. At least I am uberishly impressed! Hail the pocket sized espresso machine!

Pocket Sized Espresso Machine Blueprints

Pocket Sized Espresso Machine Blueprints