Reasons For Using PDF Over Other Doc Formats

Businesses, private organizations and different corporations create and transact files every day. Mostly, these files contain sensitive information that should be kept secure from any form of exploitation. Using PDF files is safer than any other means of transporting data. Most businesses prefer using a platform where there is security above all else. PDFs are also convenient for most companies and users can trust them to keep information safe. There are several reasons why a PDF conversion is preferred over the likes of Word.

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They Are universal

 Whichever device you decide to open your PDF file with, is not an inconvenience. It is designed in such a way that all devices are compatible with it, unlike word, excel, and publisher that sometimes may not open with other devices.

They Are Quick And Easy To Create

Creating a PDF is much more comfortable. In case you are using Word, Excel or PowerPoint, you can easily convert them to PDF which are more convenient, reliable and widely used by most people.

Are Easily Accessible On Mobile Phones

With Adobe reader which is available in most devices, PDFs are easily accessible anytime wherever. You can view a document without necessarily being behind a desktop. The ease of accessibility that PDFs offer enables people to access information better.

They Are Available For Free

Most of the readers used are offered without any subscription fee. Adobe reader, for example, is free to access for anyone intending to open a particular PDF document. You don’t get limited and can go through the entire document.


The safest way to convey information through the web is by use of a PDF. Sensitive material that should not fall into the hands of the public is well protected, and industries or businesses should not worry about their copyright files leaking out to the public.

Manage File Size

Whether you are working with word, excel or PowerPoint, you can easily convert documents to one PDF file without changing the purpose of the original work. It makes it easier to present work without mixing it up in many different applications.

Offer A Quick Search

Sometimes you want to go straight to a specific document on your desktop or mobile device.  When you open a particular file, you can search and go to the desired content immediately. It ensures there no time wasted searching for specific work.

They Offer Interactivity

As opposed to the likes of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, PDF files enable users to attach other files, movies, music, and hyperlinks. It makes information more appealing and easy to associate with every time.

Sharing of information is quite sensitive, and one wrong move can spell doom for an entire organization. It is, therefore, paramount to ensure that the mode of transporting data is of the highest level of competence to avoid later repercussions. The use of PDF is the most secure, convenient and reliable way to convey data.

Businesses all over prefer to be sure of the system they entrust to communicate their secrets. Converting data to PDF does not have to be stressful anymore. We recommend PDFSimpli, a tool that allows you to convert your document within seconds, and to top it all, it is effective and offers quality end results.

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