The Best Free Solution To Rip DVD To MP4

Many of us remember the days when you would have to pop in a DVD to watch your favorite movie, TV series, or homemade videos at home. Unfortunately, DVDs have become mostly outdated in the modern-day. Does that render all of your new and old DVDs inaccessible?

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The most natural solution to view these DVDs is to get some help from a DVD ripper, like the free WinX DVD Ripper, that will convert your DVD to MP4 format. WinX is one of the leading DVD converters you will find online and for a good reason. You can download the program from the product page, and click the “get a license key” link near the download button to register the software.

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What Makes WinX The Best Tool To Rip DVD To MP4?

With the help of the WinX DVD Ripper program, you can successfully create full digital backups for all of your DVD content and enjoy it as you please on your modern everyday devices such as phones and laptops. Here is what particularly sets this software apart from its competition:

High-Quality DVD Ripping

No matter how delicate or old your DVD is, the WinX DVD to MP4 converter has the capability to preserve almost a hundred percent of the integrity of the source material, ensuring that you have a high-quality video at the end of the process for your viewing pleasure. This is made possible with the help of a high-quality engine, deinterlacing, and adjustable HQ encoding.

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Compact Ripped Files

Unnecessarily large, space-consuming files are one of the most significant nuisances for any computer user. WinX DVD Ripper addresses this problem by creating a compact MP4 file that is 80% smaller than the original DVD. This size reduction does not, however, come at the expense of the video quality.

Fastest DVD Ripper Around

WinX DVD Ripper is officially the only DVD to MP4 converter that is certified to have reached level-3 hardware acceleration. This feature makes it over 47% faster than the next option at your disposal for this purpose. Such a high processing power means that you can rip a full-length DVD disc in under 5 minutes!

Apart from being the fastest DVD to MP4 ripping solution that is able to uphold even the most delicate details of the source material thanks to its quality preserving features, WinX is also an equally adept video editing software.

It allows you to manipulate the length of the video, crop it, merge it, and adjust a multitude of other parameters as you please. The program can be downloaded in a matter of seconds from the WinX DVD Ripper website, and you can start converting your DVDs to MP4 right away. WinX is compatible with all kinds of DVDs, no matter how old, foreign, or damaged.

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To learn more about the incredible functions and capabilities of the WinX DVD Ripper, visit the official website. You can also learn more about the actual conversion process and exactly how you can rip a DVD to MP4 format in just a couple of simple steps with the help of the WinX interface.

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