Best Juul Alternatives For Nic Salts

With an increase in popularity, perhaps in part thanks to the success of Juul, pod kits and nicotine salts are having a moment in the vaping community. Pod kits are convenient, easy to use and most importantly for transitioning smokers, provide that quick and satisfying hit. While the Juul is a great option for plenty of transitioning smokers, it’s a super high dose that may more nicotine than necessary for some people based on their smoking habits.

The benefit of the open pod system design is you can choose your own flavors and strength in the same way you would with a higher powered Sub Ohm kit. They can accommodate higher PG liquids and as you can fill them with whatever strength you like they’re a longer lasting investment than a closed pod system. While they’re somewhat larger than a Juul they also have more battery life, greater e-liquid capacity and still offer a quick hit when you need it most.

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What Are Nicotine Salts?

Nicotine salts (nic salts for short) are a modern, updated format of traditional freebase nicotine. Freebase nicotine is higher alkalinity meaning the higher the dose, the harsher the taste. Nic salts have benzoic acid added which helps neutralize them as well as making them more stable. The result is a smoother hit and a milder, less peppery taste meaning nic salts are ideal to be used in high doses. With a flood of new nic salt flavors from a huge variety of brands hitting the market, having plenty of e-liquid choices is no longer limited to sub-Ohm vapers alone.

There’s been a wave of new pod kits in the past year, with some being specially designed to accommodate nic salts. When it comes to e-liquids containing nic salts you have a massive variety to choose from but picking a kit that’ll help you get the best out of them can be tricky. We’ve rounded up some of the best starter pod vape kits that work with the huge range of nic salts that have flooded your local vape shops.

SMOK Infinix

Similar in design to a Juul, this slim mouth to lung style kit has refillable 2ml pods and a manual draw design meaning, also like the Juul, you simply inhale to vape. The kit comes with an e-liquid injection bottle for easy, mess-free refills that can be filled up to seven times before they need replacing. The Infinix has a 250mAh battery to give you plenty of vaping time that recharges in as little as 25 minutes. Cost-effective, versatile and intuitive to use.

Smoking Vapor Mi Pod

One of the most compact mouth to lung devices around, Smoking Vapour prove good things really do come in small packages. Another manual draw kit, the Mi-Pod packs in a remarkably high 950mAh battery as well as a 2ml refillable pod. The oil-air separated design of the pods makes it incredibly leak-proof so you can store it in your pocket without any concerns over a sticky kit. Delivering great flavor, solid nic hit and moderate levels of vapor thanks to a 1.3 Ohm coil the Mi-Pod makes for a great stealth vape too. This one comes in a huge range of colors and textures so is an ideal pod mod for more style-conscious vapers.

Aspire Nautilus AIO

‘Nautilus’ is a familiar term for most vapers except this time, Aspire has made a kit with a similar style to their famous tank. It’s an open pod system that combines the benefits of replaceable coils with the convenience of a pod system. They’ve designed this kit to fit either a nic salt coil or an option for freebase high PG liquids. Versatile for varying tastes with adjustable air flow, an impressive 1000mAh battery and small enough to slip in your pocket.

Innokin EQ Pod Mod

Created for both beginners and more advanced users, this pod kit is the first on the market to utilize mesh coils. Designed for a long life span and exceptional flavor, this kit combines the smooth hit of a nic salt in a conveniently slim mouth to lung kit. There are two firing modes making it more versatile than most pod mods and has a solid 800mAh battery capacity.

Aspire Cobble AIO Vape Kit

Another one from Aspire, the Cobble fits right into your palm and is a comfortable and stealthy vape. With 1.8ml capacity pods and a 700mAh battery, it measures in at just three inches in length so will comfortably slip into any pocket. A one-button design for switching on, off and to vape. Refilling simply requires you to pop out the pod, remove the bung in the base and top up.

Whether you want a minimalist and neutral looking vape or something a little more edgy and stylish, there are plenty of options to choose from. Any of these will give you a solid day of vaping, great flavor and stand the test of time as your vaping needs change. Best of all, they’re all optimized for nic salts.

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