Steampunk Chain Smoking Machine

Did you ever think about why you’re smoking? Better yet, have you ever thought about how many times people have told you that it’s bad for your health? It’s like you have stopped reflecting about it, and whatever they say is only noise to you. And, the nicotine patches sure don’t work, so why bother? There might just be one more chance for you to quit, and it is one truly inspirational one. It comes in the form of wheels, pins and bolts. It will help you get rid of those smokes in a heartbeat.

It’s the steampunk (somewhat) version of a chain smoking person. It simply helps you smoke those cigarettes, and it eliminates the chance that you will smoke that cancer stick again. All you really have to do is put it somewhere where you can see it (but far enough away so you can’t smell it) and pour those packages of cigarettes, that you probably bought truck loads of in the tax free shop on your last trip, into the machine and hit… start! It’s a clever solution from artist and developer Kristoffer Myskja from Norway.

It will smoke those things with a vengeance, and all that will remain are small butts of cigarettes anxiously laying on the floor waiting to be swooped away and piled into the trash can. So why wait? Get your butt on the Internet and search for a place to get it, rent it or borrow it. It doesn’t really matter how you get it, as long as you stop smoking those lethal sticks and playing roulette with the cancer bullet. Skip the smoke, get rid of the bloke!