Best Programming Languages To Learn – Quick Guide

Whether you want to start coding as your new career, as a hobby or to improve your present role, the initial thing to decide is the programming language. There is no accurate answer about language selection. The selection of your first language will depend on the kind of your project. For your guidance, here are some popular programming languages to learn.

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This language is recommended for those people who are looking for fun and easy programming language. Instead of jumping into harsh syntax rules, Python is similar to English and anyone can understand this language. It allows you to get a basic knowledge of coding practices without becoming obsessive over small details.

Python can be an ideal language for GUIs (graphic user interfaces), software development and web development. In fact, it was utilized to build Spotify, YouTube, and Instagram. It is in high demand among employers. Along with all benefits, you must know that it is a slow language. Python needs more testing because it is not practical than other languages for the development of mobile apps.


C is an ambiguous language for beginners, but developers and programmers prefer this language. Almost all programming and development languages are applied in C. It means that after learning C, it will be simple for you to learn other languages like C# and C++.

C is machine-level learning, and it is excellent to teach you the functions of the computer. Joel Spolsky Software Developer compares this language to understand main structure before changing profession and increase its efficiency for coding.

C can be an outstanding choice to become a talented developer and master coder from the outset if you are willing to take this challenge.


This language is in high demand because it is a feature heavy and object-oriented language. It is designed under “Write Once and run anywhere” premise. It means you can write it on any work and device cross-platform.

Java is a most demanding language skill, so after learning this language, you can get an excellent career. Top employers of java programmers are IBM, Amazon, and eBay. Moreover, Java is famous for the use of iOS and Android app development. It is the base of the Android operating system. Java is the best choice for building mobile applications.

It is not easy to learn like python because this high-level language can be complicated for learners. Once you understand its basic concepts, you will be able to work on different projects of a software house like Vironit.


It is another favorite language. Numerous websites rely on this language, such as Instagram, Facebook, Spotify, Gmail, and Twitter. Moreover, it is necessary to add interactivity to a website because it can interact with CSS and HTML. It is essential for consumer-facing sites and front-end development while becoming important in evolution.

JavaScript is a leading language for test automation frameworks. It is becoming the mainstay of frameworks like Nightwatch.JS and Protractor. You can use it without any installation because it comes with browsers.

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