5 Legitimate Reasons Why Everyone Should Learn To Code

Nowadays, it seems like everyone and their mother is learning how to code. It’s the skill of the future that’s starting to be taught in schools across the country to get our kids onboard as soon as possible. That’s because, with coding, the doors of opportunities swing open wide for jobs, high earning potential, and a high quality of life. A ton of things in our life depend on programmers to make them happen – from the websites that we visit to the smartphones that are in our pockets.

However, you might not know the exact reasons that everybody is getting on this coding train. We’re going to go through the top reasons why everyone should learn how to code ASAP down below. Keep reading if you’re on the fence about whether or not you should give programming a shot.

1. You Have The Freedom To Make Your Own Schedule When You’re A Programmer

[pullquote]When you become a programmer, the world is suddenly a less stressful place.[/pullquote] Whether or not you work for yourself or for a larger company, programmers usually have a greater deal of autonomy than other workers. This is because they can work from pretty much anywhere in the world, as long as they have their laptop with them. How great is that?

When you are a programmer, you have the ability to wake up at any time of the day and spend as much time on work as you would like, as long as you get the work done. So, you can feel free to wake up at any time of the day and spend your day in your pajamas working. Or you can head out to a café and spend some time working and downing tons of cappuccino. This kind of schedule freedom is something that those people working in 9-5 jobs dream of, so make sure to cherish it whenever you are a programmer!

2. You’ll Earn A Lot More Money, But Have To Work Fewer Hours

Programmers are often the highest paid staffers at most major companies and even freelancers make a ton of money in this industry. When you’re a programmer, you are part of a highly skilled bunch of people who are super necessary in today’s world. This means that companies are going to pay you exactly what you want in order to get your services.

But that doesn’t mean that you’re going to have to work a lot of hours! Since you have that freedom to make your own schedule, you can work super hard in the morning and get all of your work done with the freedom to head out into the afternoon to spend time enjoying the sun. Overall, this means that your work-life balance is going to be absolutely incredible when you know a ton of programming languages.

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3. You Have The Ability To Say “No” To Job Offers

One of the best reasons why everyone should become a programmer is the fact that you don’t have to take jobs that are less than your worth because you need the money. Jobs are automatically going to start coming to you when you advertise that you’re fluent in the programming languages and can show that you have the experience to get the job done. You can say No to those job offers that are offering you low compensation.

4. You Don’t Have To Go Through The Job Application Process As Much

One of the absolutely most dreaded parts of trying to find a career or a new job is the time you have to spend going through the job application process online. We all know how annoying it is to have to upload your resume every time, then you have to write down your work experience for no other reason that just to frustrate you, and fill in line after line of other information. It takes forever and who knows where this is going to lead you?

It’s best to wait for those jobs to come your way when you learn how to code – and they will! Everyone needs programmers nowadays, so you’re going to have a steady stream of job offers flowing into your inbox that you can pick and choose. This is especially true if you are a freelancer who is working on a site like Upwork to get your jobs. You will be able to hear from tons of companies who require your services and not have to go through their online job process to get them.

5. You’ll Have A Lot Of Extra Time To Pursue Your Outside Of Work Interests

One of the top reasons why people decide to learn how to code and get out there and become a programmer is the fact that you’ll have a lot more time to pursue your other interests. This is something that those people with 9-5 jobs would only dream of having the time for. If you’re stuck in an office all day long, you don’t have the time or the energy after work to spend learning a new hobby or picking up that book you’ve been reading. You won’t even have the time to spend traveling the world and seeing the sights.

However, when you are a programmer with the freedom to develop your own schedule and work your own hours, you will be able to pursue those interests without worry that you could lose your job. For example, if you really want to go out and travel the world for a couple of months, just bring along your laptop and get out there! Make sure that you have a WiFi connection and you’ll be good to go in finishing up your work. You could even start learning some new musical instruments or learning a new language with all of that extra time that you’ll have.

Learning how to code is going to be mandatory soon for everyone out there who wants to be competitive in the job market. Coding is something that is necessary for our technological lives, so why not be part of the worker base that makes that happen?

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5 Legitimate Reasons Why Everyone Should Learn To Code

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