The Best VR Glasses And Virtual Reality Helmets For PC

Welcome to a complete guide to choosing the best virtual reality glasses and helmets. RV technology is no longer an illusion of science fiction to become one of the latest innovations in recent years. This has reached such a point that it is already possible to find many different models of these gadgets so you can enjoy any game, application, video, or experience, just as if you were there.

It is not a mirage — the future advances by leaps and bounds. However, before talking extensively about what are the best sync VR headsets devices to choose from, it is necessary to answer some questions.

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What Is Virtual Reality

If we look towards an academic definition, we can say that virtual reality is a simulated representation through computers, computer systems, and elaborate graphics that reproduce a sensation that fits reality.

If we simplify it, we can say that Virtual Reality is produced by sensory immersion in different computer programs that reproduce real life. And the best way to achieve this is through various devices, such as VR glasses and helmets.

Virtual Reality And Games

Of course, talking about these types of devices also means knowing the latest about video games. This is because these glasses offer a better resolution of the graphics, making the player stop being a mere spectator and become part of the action that takes place on the screen.

If you’ve ever wondered how virtual reality glasses work, the simple answer is through graphics and visual elements in the third dimension. This makes having an excellent resolution on your device key. It is because, first of all, this field is based on a sensory immersion experience that needs good images to function. Otherwise, the final result would be completely different.

Play With RV At Home! – What Do I Need?

The main thing is to have available hardware, be it a mobile or a computer. This is because there are very few virtual reality teams that work autonomously. Although there are already models that allow you to have a complete experience simply with the devices themselves, currently, in most cases, we will need a Smartphone, a tablet, a console, or a computer to start any software: games, applications, programs, videos, etc.

Thus, when VR glasses are connected to different hard wares, they take advantage of the device’s features, optimizing them. This means that any user who joins a VR device to a smartphone or console can experience how this helmet provides a better definition, optimizing the graphics and making the images visually more pleasant and realistic.

Buying Guide – Recommendations And Tips

Before buying the first model, you see, it is essential to consider some of these factors that, in the long run, will guarantee a better experience and, of course, make an appropriate decision when choosing such a device. What should you keep in mind?

Tracking Area

It refers to the type of surface on which the virtual reality helmet records movements. A good tracking area allows greater freedom of movement and, therefore, greater immersion. Most autonomous viewers offer only three degrees of freedom. This means that you can move, turn, see from one side to another, but you cannot leave your fixed point.

If you do, you would be out of the tracking area. On the contrary, those that offer six degrees of freedom also provide greater freedom of movement. This means that you can do the above functions, and also walk. These functions vary depending on the model you choose. Currently, those that offer greater freedom are the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift, which we will analyze later.

Vision Angle

The amplitude of the visual field directly influences the degree of immersion in reality. This is because it guarantees that even when making any movement, the “edge of the screen” will not be reached, or, in other words, that you will not leave the visual perimeter in high definition.

The greater the viewing angle, the more visual field you can cover. Ideally, the user should choose a viewer that ranges between 100º and 110º. Unfortunately, they are not so easy to find, and those that exist are more expensive.


Before, we had said that an excellent resolution was an essential element when choosing any RV equipment. This is because it provides more exceptional sharpness in the number of pixels, which means that the image will have excellent quality and provide a better experience. Its importance is based on the pixels encoding the image information for reading. The more pixels that decode a VR viewer, the better the result.

Refresh Rate

Imagine for a moment, a photographic overlay that is updated every moment. The faster and more dynamic this rate, the feeling of movement will be much more fluid. This superposition of the images to generate mobility is called the refresh rate and is of paramount importance in the virtual experience.

Ideally, choose a viewfinder whose refresh rate has a minimum of 60 Hertz and a maximum of 90. Otherwise, you will experience nausea and vertigo, something familiar in the first devices. Proper RV equipment for PC should avoid, among other things, the feeling of dizziness when using them.


Not all equipment costs the same. Knowing how much you are willing to invest is also helpful since there are a lot of models, each with different functionalities. For example, if the idea is not to spend too much on 3D virtual reality equipment, a great alternative is to opt for VR-sync glasses or look and play. Both are great alternatives at a low price.

Device Quality

It is ideal for comparing the ideal characteristics according to the user with the best devices and take into account the necessary budget. In this way, the value-price relationship can be established realistically. It is necessary to clarify that the best quality does not always come at the highest price. There are many devices with excellent performance with a tighter budget.


Finally, we must consider the compatibility with your device. Due to its characteristics, some models are more convenient for mobile or computer, while others are specially designed for consoles such as the PlayStation 4.

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