Best Ways To Take Care Of Your Car (And Its Resale Value)

Congratulations! Purchasing a new, or pre-owned, car is one of life’s greatest joys. The smell of a fresh leather interior and the look of crisp paintwork sends shivers down your spine as you pull out of the dealer lot.

Your new car is an extension of your personality, and it’s a vital part of your life. Without a car, you can’t get around. While we all love our vehicles, the chances are that you’re not going to own it forever. Sooner or later, you’ll be trading it in for a new model. When the time comes to sell, you need to make sure that your old car is in an immaculate condition to receive as best a trade value as possible.

Here are five rules you need to adhere to if you want to not only keep it being that joy to you but also to obtain the best resale value for your car in the years ahead.

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Rule 1 – Keep Your Car Out Of The Sun

The sun is the enemy of any paint job. Intense UV light fades the color of your car’s bodywork and cracks up the dashboard. So, make sure you keep your car out of the sun wherever possible. Park in an underground lot, even if it means walking the extra distance to your destination. This strategy will add up over the coming years and ensure that your vehicles paintwork remains as crisp as the day you bought it.

Find a shady spot if you have to park outdoors. Purchase a sun-visor for your windshield and open it up to reflect the sun’s rays and keep them out of the car’s cabin. This strategy will keep your dash from fading and cracking.

Rule 2 – Don’t Smoke In The Car

Smoking in the car will take thousands off of your resale value. Over the years, cigarette smoke will permeate the upholstery of your vehicle and leave a foul odor in the interior, even if you clean it on a regular basis. You may accidentally flick lit ash over the backseats, or drop it onto the floorboards, burning small holes into the interior.

Rule 3 – Regular Maintenance

It’s critical to keep your car well-maintained and adhere to the servicing schedule. Missing service intervals will reflect poorly in your service manual and detract from the appeal of your vehicle to new buyers.

Rule 4 – It’s In The Detail

Protect your paintwork and keep your interior smelling fresh by detailing your car regularly. Use quality detailing products from Premium Detail Pro. These products feature technology such as nano cross-polymer waxes and wash formulas. Always dry and polish your car using their microfiber cloths to ensure you don’t leave any fine scratches on the paintwork. Keeping your vehicle in tip-top shape will add thousands to your resale value.

Wrapping Up With Rule 5 – Avoid Accidents

Accident damage is a sure-fire way of reducing the resale value of your car, even if professionals complete the repair job. Drive sensibly, if you feel the need for speed (As this is the highest risk factor for accidents), make sure that you open the engine up only when road conditions are safe enough or better yet keep your racing to the track.

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