E-book Accessory: Your E-books Can Smell Like Musty Books!

There is no question that e-books are becoming more popular. From 2002 – 2008 it seems you couldn’t give e-books away. Then, suddenly in 2009, sales of e-books increased by 177% and everyone was talking about the Kindle.

Now, with the iBooks app for the iPad that everyone is going gaga for, it seems as though e-books might be here to stay. The New Yorker published an article on this topic today. You can check that out here.

There is still a group of people that refuse to read e-books. Whether they think it is disrespect for the traditional reading style, or if it’s just simply not wanting to change, many people are holding on to the old style. According to what I’ve read, one reason why some people are unwilling to make the change is because of the smell.

Although I’ve tried in the past to get that musty smell out of old books, apparently some people really like that smell and they don’t want to give it up. There is now a product created for those people. It is the “Smell of Books” in a can. This is an aerosol e-book enhancer. Now you can have the smell that you like, and still have the convenience of an e-book. If you want to read a detailed review about this product, you can do so here; however, I will warn you that the author was grumpy the day he wrote it.

This spray comes in five comforting scents:

1. Classic Musty Smell – Use this one to get that lovely smell of an old musty library with a leaky roof.

2. Crunchy Bacon Smell – This is for reading your Sunday morning paper with a cup of coffee. It has no calories!

3. Eau You Have Cats Smell – This smells like second hand books from your grandmother’s house. Some people actually enjoy the smell of cat hair.

4. Scent of Sensibility Smell – Designed for romance book lovers, this smells like a juicy and somewhat trashy Harlequin novel (yes, that has a smell. nom nom!)

5. New Book Smell – This smells like paper, ink and glue. I wonder if I could get gitty from smelling this one. Hmm…

For people who don’t like to read, wow, what a great feel good solution. Just choose a scent and spray it where you would normally read. Who needs to actually read a book when you can just spray, smell and pretend you did? If you would like to learn more about this can of this nostalgia, you can visit http://smellofbooks.com.