Best Wine Coolers Of BODEGA43 – Review

Whether you drink wine occasionally, enjoy it with friends, or have a passion for understanding and tasting the most excellent wines in the world, a wine cooler is a necessary purchase. A cooler will not only protect your wine, but it can actually enhance the taste as well. Keeping wine at the optimal temperature cuts back on temperature changes and ensures your wine is ready to be enjoyed at any time.

Some of the things to look for in a wine cooler are:

  • How many bottles can it hold?
  • Is it a refrigerator that only cools or a cooler that has the ability to heat as well.
  • Is it a single zone cooler that only has one temperature setting? Or is it a dual-zone cooler that allows you to cool different types of wine at different temperatures?

All of these questions are important to answer when making a purchase. Before buying, make sure to research the features and value of each cooler so that you can purchase the product that is right for you. BODEGA43 is one of the Dutch wine cooler brands with a passion for wine and wine coolers.

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BODEGA43 Was Born Out Of Passion – Passion For Wine That We Love To Share

Out of this passion with tasting and comparing precisely the same wines, aged for years under different circumstances, we discovered that the best place to store wines is not a regular cellar. The reason? The temperature and humidity.

Even in a cellar, these two base units are challenging to combine. The ideal storage temperature for wine is 10-12 degrees Celsius, 12 months per year, year after year. Only a cellar deep in the earth might have this perfect combination. But even if you are one of the happy few to possess such a cellar, after years the humidity damages your labels.

BODEGA43 – 24 Wine Cooler

The BODEGA43-24 name is synonymous with quality and longevity. If you have been in the wine market for any amount of time, then you have heard of the Bodega line of products. The price is high, but the quality is higher, and there are multiple options to choose from.

The temperature is precise, there is a UV protectant door to keep heat out, and the dual-zone cooling allows you to keep 12 bottles in each zone. While the 24 bottle capacity is small, there are larger options available.

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BODEGA43 – 66 Wine Cooler

Stylish design and perfect storage conditions in the BODEGA43-66 wine cooler (translated to Dutch: wijnkoelkast). Sixty-six wine bottles fit in the BODEGA43-66 wine refrigerator, making this a generous variant of the BODEGA43 product line.

The latest model BODEGA43-66 is equipped with a full glass design door with triple glazing for extra insulation and with a UV filter, which blocks the UV radiation from outside. The humidity remains around 70% continuously. The unique sliding trays of the BODEGA43-66 are designed to absorb any vibrations that may disturb the tranquility of your wine.

BODEGA43 – 180 Wine Cooler

The BODEGA43-180 wine cooler (translated to Dutch: wijnkoelkast) has been specially developed to offer optimum ease of use in even the most intensive conditions for years. The full-glass design door is a true presentation for your customers. Also, the robust wine climate cabinet has sliding trays with adjustable wine racks, so that every bottle fits perfectly.

The BODEGA43-180 variant has two temperature zones with separate zones for your white and red wines. A total of 180 wine bottles (480 liters) fit into the wine fridge of the BODEGA43 product line.

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