Beyond The Fax Machine, Using Internet To Fax Online

Sending a fax means the conversion of data or information to an encoded form that allows telephone lines or radio waves to transmit this data into a hard copy form to remote locations, whether this data is text or an image.

The fax machine was most popular during the 80s and 90s period, but it was actually around for a very long time. The first fax machine was invented in 1843, a few years after the telegraph, and it actually borrowed some aspects of the technology and then built upon it to evolve.

Just like everything, sending faxes was greatly affected by technology, a new way to send faxes were developed thanks to new mediums like the internet being available. We’ll be giving you a brief review on how using the internet to fax became the standard faxing process.

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Secure Platform

Most companies use email to communicate, both internally and externally. Even though using emails are very convenient, it’s not the most secure way to transfer sensitive information across the internet, unless very sophisticated processes take place to make it more secure.

There are a lot of technical issues that may arise from using email in time-sensitive situations that may not make it ideal. Sending documents through online fax ensures that the document is untampered with or visible to hackers. You have the option to apply digital signatures on legally-binding documents using online fax.

Receive Faxes Through Your Email

The main drawback to traditional fax machines is that the documents have to be in a specific format to be sent to another machine. Using the internet to fax your documents to an email removes this restriction, you can send PDFs, word documents, images in many formats, or basically, anything that can be sent over email can be faxed to a traditional machine.

If you happen to have a dedicated landline for faxes, recommends moving it to a digital faxing platform. The benefits of receiving your faxes through email are many; it doesn’t require ink or paper and it makes it easier to automate the process of organizing digital documents. The versatility and flexibility of online faxing make it option number one for anyone looking into using faxes as an essential tool for communication in their organization.

Saving Money

Traditional fax machines are totally out of fashion in this day and age, but there are still some companies that still depend on it. The trouble and cost of setting up a traditional fax machines are not practical compared to taking advantage of the more developed online faxing systems.

Maintenance, a new number, ink, paper, long distance business plans, and a new line are all requirements to be able to set up a fax machine. Online faxing only needs an internet connection, a computer, and a printer.

The reasons to switch from a fax machine to online faxing are many. It’s normal for businesses to adopt and embrace the technological upgrades to be able to stay competitive in a quick-paced race. Old-fashioned faxing is going out of fashion pretty quickly, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a company that would prefer to use a fax machine rather than online faxing.

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