The Biggest Cybersecurity Threats

While much of the world has focused on the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, the tech community has been stepping up to provide assistance. At the same time, many int he tech community have been asking, “Is another ‘Cyber Pandemic’ Coming?

With the rapid pace of technological advancement, many people have been focused on the tremendous amount of good this tech can do. While the benefits are undeniable, it is also important to note that these advances also make the world more vulnerable to attack. This has the potential to lead to a cyber pandemic. IT is important for everyone to note some of the biggest threats to cybersecurity today.

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One of the biggest threats in the world of cybersecurity today is also one of the oldest. This is called a phishing attack. For those who might not know, a phishing attack is designed to get someone to voluntarily surrender their login credentials. For example, someone might try to learn as much as they can about someone’s potential employer. Then, they might reach out to the employee posing as the employer.

Finally, they will ask the employee to surrender his or her login credentials for a (fake) work-related matter. This is called a phishing attack. In order for companies to guard against this type of attack, they need to educate their employees on what a phishing attack is, how they happen, and the consequences. It is also a good idea for companies to implement multi-factor authentication, also called 2FA.

Another major cybersecurity threat is called a ransomware attack. This type of attack has been around for several years already. For those who might not know, this type of attack infects a network or system with malware that freezes the system completely, rendering it nothing more than an expensive paperweight. The criminal will then demand that the target pay a ransom in order to have the system released.

This type of attack can be incredibly expensive not only in the form of a ransom but also in terms of lost revenue. It is important for everyone to have the latest cybersecurity measures to protect against this type of attack.

These are just two of the biggest threats in the world of cybersecurity today. Those who use the internet for their daily operations need to take steps to protect against these types of attacks. If not, this could lead to the development of another cyber pandemic, where multiple entities fall prey to the same virus. This has the potential to tank the global economy. The good news is that there are already resources out there for those who would like to learn more bout the latest cybersecurity advances.

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