Bigshot: The DIY Digital Camera For Future Hacker Innovators

Yesterday I wrote about Instagram, and how an accessory app can help you earn rewards from your awesome pictures. Without a camera, it would be impossible to use either Instagram or that accessory app, so I thought a little DIY article would be in order to help people understand how digital cameras work. Let me introduce you to the Bigshot DIY digital camera, which is supposed to help children learn the basics about a digital camera by building their own.

The Bigshot DIY digital camera is actually a tool to help teach kids how technology works. By assembling their own digital camera, they will learn how it works and what lies behind the pictures that they are used to uploading to their favorite social networking services. The Bigshot camera itself features a hand crank that enables the photographer to take photos even though the batteries might have run out.

On top of a wide range of parts, the Bigshot camera also features 3 different lenses that the builder can choose from when taking photographs. When finished, you will be able to choose between regular, panoramic and even 3D photographs. The Bigshot educational tool sets out to teach children (and of course adults who want to know more about the technology behind their digital camera) the basics behind optics, mechanics, electromagnetism, electronics and image processing.

The Bigshot camera assembly kit will set you back $89, but some of the creator’s profits will go towards sending out Bigshot cameras to children in under-served communities and countries around the world. After all, everyone deserves to know how a digital camera works. This could be the first step to teaching future home hacker innovators the basics of technology. Those children might create the next innovative technology.

Bigshot DIY Digital Camera Teaching Tool



Via: [psfk]