Bionic Boots Might Just Make You The Bionic Man

Put some spring in your step with these Bionic Boots. Developed by Keahi Seymour (Bionic Boot), an inventor originally from the UK, and now living and tending bar in San Francisco, Bionic Boots add actual springs and flexing armature to your legs that mimic the leg structure of the Ostrich or Kangaroo. Bionic Boot’s can double the power of your stride, by storing energy in their tendon-like rubber extension springs.

With the aid of these Bionic Boots, according to Seymour, humans can generate speeds of approximately 25 miles per hour, and hopes eventually to achieve speeds of 45 miles per hour with the help of additional servos and pneumatic power. That’s pretty fast for any human to run.

The Bionic Boots are manufactured with hand tools, using aircraft grade aluminum, carbon fiber and speargun bands, which can be interchanged to adjust for the runners weight and the type of stride desired.  The unique pivoting toes of the Bionic Boots are actually covered with pieces of mountain bike tire tread, which help to provide a bit more maneuverability and soften the impact. Seymour envisions a full protective suit eventually, much as he drew as a youngster with readouts for all functions of the system, distance, speed etc.

These Bionic Boots are just the latest Seymour has developed over the last 25 years and 200 prototypes, starting from a drawing he made as a 12-year-old. There are no plans yet to make these cybernetic “hush-puppies” available to the public.

Mr. Seymour has shown and demonstrated Bionic Boots at a number of Maker Faires, bouncing about to the delight of Faire attendees.

Imagine sprinting around the neighborhood in these bad boys, with a fully loaded protective suit and servomotors at 45 miles per hour.  Perhaps a set of snow tire toes for the winter months would be a nice addition.

Bionic Boots – The Next Step In Human Perfection

Bionic Boots For Running

Bionic Boots For Running

Bionic Boots For Running