PadPivot: Turns Your iPad Into A LapPad

I have long tried to find the ultimate travel accessory for the iPad, and as of yet, I haven’t found one that really makes a difference. They all seem to be docks, stands or some other none mobile thing that either puts the iPad into a static mode, or changes it’s exterior visual status. When I come to think about it, there are very few accessories that actually help you while you’re on the road. It’s ridiculous really. I wonder if that’s the reason why I got so interested in finding one in the first place. It has almost become an obsession. After all, the iPad is the ultimate mobile gadget, or that is how it is advertised anyway. You see, when you have pretty much everything available to you within just a couple of clicks and touches of the screen, the least you should be thinking about is your mobile accessories right?

The PadPivot; however, is the first real interesting idea I have seen for an iPad accessory that actually packs a punch. It’s a little contraption that lets you rest the iPad safely on your one leg while it pivots your iPad in the perfect angle for you to work on. The gadget is quite simple, but it will do wonders when you’re on the train, in the car (back seat) or in the airport awaiting your next flight.

All you have to do really is to take out your iPad, put the PadPivot on your leg, and rest the iPad firmly on its stand. Voila! You have your own traveling stand. Working from hereafter will be a breeze since you will not have to bend your wrists, hands or any other limb in order to get the perfect working position. So far this is a concept design, but it’s definitely being realized since it has already gotten over 869 pledgers to donate over $36,000 to make it real. Pre-order one at their official website!