Bit Rebels Epic Giveaway | Winners Announced!

Earlier this month when Bit Rebels turned 7 months old and we decided to celebrate by giving back to our readers, we didn’t know how rewarding this giveaway would ultimately end up being.

We are very thankful to our wonderful sponsors who graciously gave us their time and their resources to make this giveaway a success. We also want to thank our readers who once again, joined us on our journey, and as a result, a lot of people will receive valuable prizes which will help their businesses a great deal.

We would like to give a special shout out to Printfac3 who decided to give away business cards to any of our readers that used the coupon codes. That’s right, no winners required, just free cards! If you would like to take advantage of this offer (only good while supplies last) go to the original article for details here.

Below is our list of winners. Congratulations to all of you! You deserve it! Depending on the prize and the quantity we had to give away, some people were lucky enough to win more than one item! If you are a winner on this list, please send an email to me at and I will explain the proper process for you to collect your prize! Thank you for being loyal Bit Rebels readers, we wouldn’t be here without you.

Prize: Free Design Template
Value / Prize: $299
Winners: Kylie Larsson @kylielarsson and Sriganesh @sriganesh

WPWebHost – Web Hosting Made for WordPress
Prize: 1 Free Year “Freedom Plan”
Value / Prize: $80
Winners: Kishore Mylavarapu @kishoremvr and Shashank @shashank

DPD: Digital Product Delivery
Prize: Free for Life DPD 30 Product Paid Plan
Value / Prize: $10,000+
Winner: OneRedSock @OneRedSock
Prize: Vintage Mega Pack 8
Value / Prize: $50
Winners: Adam @warstwydotcom, Luu Xuan Hao @luuxuanhao and D. Nettleton @ddavidn

Prize: 1 Year of Free Platinum plan hosting with a Free new/transfer domain.
Value / Prize: $99.98
Winners: Tomas Laurinavičius @tomaslau, Salmen Bejaoui @MoukaDesign, Simonoldenburg @simonoldenburg, Shashank @shashank, Mark Williams @MarkDTN8, PJ Cich Lee @ pjcich, Xanax @happy_xanax, OneRedSock @OneRedSock

Pro Theme Design
Prize: Mimbo Pro WordPress Template
Value / Prize: $79
Winners: Adam @warstwydotcom, Zaheer Paracha @zparacha and Tanvir Alam @tanviralam

Prize: 1 Premium Large Account
Value / Prize: $950
Winner: Mustafa Quilon @mustafaquilon

Prize: 1 License of activeCollab Corporate, 2 Licenses of activeCollab SmallBiz
Value / Prize: $249 – $499
Winners: Aravind Ajith @aravindajith (Corporate), Ryan Farrow @CoconutGraphics (SmallBiz) and Chris Olbekson @chris_olbekson (SmallBiz)

Taste of Ink Studios
Prize: 1 x Business Card Design, 1 x 500 Slim-Cut Silk Business Cards
Value / Prize: $190 – $235
Winner: Charissa Magalong @chamagalong
Prize: 1 x 5000 Business Cards (Printed on premium 12pt gloss coated card stock), 1 x 5000 Postcards (’s 6′ x 4.25 postcards), 1 x 1000 11 x 17 Posters.
Value / Prize: $100 – $281
Winners: Steve brown @unklesteve (posters), Minimate Factory @luke314pi (postcards) and Malcolm Lanham @maljr (business cards)

Marketcircle Inc.
Prize: Daylite Productivity Suite
Value / Prize: $189
Winner: Chad @abitofwhit
Prize: 1 x Free Service for Life + 1 Year Free Domain, 3 x 6 Months Free Service + 1 year Free Domain
Value / Prize: $90 – $500
Winners: Bill Risser @billrisser (Free Service for Life), Salmen Bejaoui @MoukaDesign, Ankit Bathija @ankitbathija and Bruce @I_Am_RU (More specifics will be given in email.)

Golden Black and Pale Horse
Prize: Royalty-Free Stock Vectors, Fonts and Brushes
Value / Prize: $260
Winner: Kylie Larsson @kylielarsson
Prize: Free 1 Page Basic PSD to WordPress Theme Conversion with Delivery within 7 Business Days
Value / prize: $150
Winner: Tomas Laurinavičius @tomaslau
Prize: A year membership to
Value / Prize: $49.95
Winner: Neri Valentin-Macias @neriv

Prize: Kindle Wireless Reading Device (6″ Display, Global Wireless, Latest Generation)
Value / Prize: $259
There were so many amazing entries submitted for this prize, and it was very difficult to choose the winner. Thank you all for your creativity on this one! You are awesome!
Winner: Andrew Freeman @andrewfreeman

Pixel Graphic Design Studio, Inc.
Prize: PDF Book – The Art of Making Super-Fast Vector Illustrations
Value / Prize: $14.99
Winners: Luu Xuan Hao @luuxuanhao, Ankit Bathija @ankitbathija and Sriganesh @sriganesh
Prize: 50 Business Cards
Value / Prize: $21.99
Winners: Igor Ovsyannykov @Webtoolfeed, the nosh writer @thenoshwriter and ewangdesign @ewangdesign.

InMotion Hosting, Inc.
Prize: Power Hosting Package for 1 Year
Value / Prize: $107.40
Winners: Kylie Larsson @kylielarsson, Shashank @shashank, Adam @warstwydotcom, Simonoldenburg @simonoldenburg and Octavian Cioaca @cssensei

Prize: 500 points (no period expiration)
Value / Prize: $500
Winner: PJ Cich Lee @pjcich