MaxCDN Giveaway: 15 Free 1TB Accounts For Bit Rebels Readers

We’re excited to launch our latest giveaway today, and if you are growing a website, you are going to love this one. MaxCDN is giving away 15 1TB accounts to Bit Rebels readers! You can enter below anytime over the next 13 days by using the Rafflecopter form. When MaxCDN announces the winners, I will make sure to post the names here. If you don’t know what a CDN (content delivery network) is, let me explain.

We have learned a lot about how to grow a website since Bit Rebels began in June of 2009, and we write about it often. Whether it’s SEO optimization, content, marketing or social media promotion, there are many aspects that determine how successful your website will be. One of those things is website speed.

Once you hit a certain level of traffic, you may notice your website loads slower than it once did. If you’ve gone through the obvious things to try to optimize this problem, and it’s still sluggish, you may be ready for a CDN. MaxCDN removes a huge load off your server by taking your images, live streaming video, graphics, etc. and serves them to your readers from their massive network of servers located around the world.

When we were ready for a CDN, we talked to several different companies, and we ultimately decided to go with MaxCDN. That was several years ago, and our relationship with them is as strong now as ever before. We would highly recommend them to anyone who needs a CDN service. They are not only wonderful to work with; they get the job done.

You can read more about how to increase your website’s speed in an infographic created by MaxCDN last summer called 14 Rules For Faster-Loading Websites. As we’ve written about many times before, the reason this matters is because your website’s speed not only affects your SEO ranking, but according to Google Developers, it also affects your engagement, retention and conversions.


Whether you have a seasoned website that needs a CDN or you are relatively new to website management and you want to check out what a CDN can do for you, enter our giveaway below. Thank you to MaxCDN for not only giving away 15 1TB accounts to Bit Rebels readers, but also for giving us such high quality service over the years.

Enter Our MaxCDN Giveaway!

Each 1TB account is worth $40. Depending on the size of your website,
1TB will most likely be enough to cover you for about a year.

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Image Credits: [MaxCDN] [codrops]