Bit Rebels Now 2 Months Old – Statistics

Time flies they say when you’re having fun. And that it certainly has. It seems like I just announced the launch of Bit Rebels and now we have passed the 2 months mark and are on our way to the 3rd. It’s with great pleasure I announce that we are celebrating our 2 months anniversary with letting you in on the statistics of the site. And it is nothing short of awesomeness I will present and that all the people behind the scene have experienced when building the killingest site specializing on Design, Geek and Tech entertainment.

We are now 6 people writing for Bit Rebels and it’s because of the dedication and inspiration of each of our writers that we can supply you all with the best of the best, time after time. It’s because of the “fun”-factor that we keep writing just for you. I once said to one of the writers that -“It’s all about fun. The day it becomes boring to write for Bit Rebels is the day that I will shut the website down.” And we are constantly making sure everyone has the most fun while writing for Bit Rebels and you. Th team is everything for Bit Rebels and me and I hope we will continue having fun for a LONG time.

So, what has happened during the last month then. Well, first off we are super excited about the fact that we can now (as of today) supply premium ads on the site through for very competitive prices. And the gain is huge as our traffic is ever increasing for each day that passes. And as you will see from the statistics we have managed to create quite a community in the short period of time that we’ve been around.

Bit Rebels now also sports a “Top Commentators” list which gives you a chance to get some traffic back to your own site if you comment in a polite and standard manner. Any spamming or ill mannered commenting behavior will result in you being banned from commenting. We love to hear from you so just comment. We usually answer or reply to your all.

Bit Rebels now also have a “Poll” that is available from any place on the site. We will have new polls every now and then which we aim to find out what you guys think of our work or important questions in general. Whatever yopu do, don’t forget to answer the one questioned poll. It’s for us to know better what you like so we can provide a better and more entertaining website. All for free.

Alright, maybe it’s time now to showcase the statistics that was promised in the beginning of this article. We are heavily proud to present the awsome progress that Bit Rebels shows and the increase it keeps maintaining. Sometimes we wonder how it’s possible that a website can grow so fast in such a short period of time. It’s all thanks to you guys for showing us such loyalty and inspiration. We truly appreciate it!

Bit Rebels – 2 Months Statistics

Period: 9th of June – 9th of August – 2009

  • Unique Visits: 84.322
  • Pageviews: 380.638
  • Search Engine: 1.205
  • Direct Traffic: 45.22%
  • Twitter Traffic: 29.63%
  • Busiest Day – Unique Visits: 6.165 (July 27th)
  • Busiest Day – Pageviews: 9.323 (June 15th)
  • Avg. Time On Site: 2:13 Min
  • Visiting Countries: 144
  • Articles: 374
  • Comments: 997
  • Top Commentator: Robin Pernice (35 Comments)
  • Most Popular Article: 128 GB Flash Drive Now Available (18.866 Views)
  • Most Diggs: Paper Water Bottle (113 Diggs)

So, that should be about it. Oh yeah… -“Happy birthday…” not really huh… HAHA! See you all again on the 3 Months anniversary post…I guess.

I sincerely hope we will see all of you time and time again. After all it’s for you we do this. Don’t forget to comment so we know you were here. We LOVE comments! Makes our work so much easier cause of all the inspiration.

Now you go an enjoy all the 374 articles with the most killingest information.