Bring The ’80s: The Brick Cell Phone Is Back!

Why not cherish those retro days of the ’80s and applaud the achievements that made today into what it is? The technology breakthroughs back then were way more in your face than they are today, and the gadgets were all about being “big!” Nowadays it’s all about being small. You got to give it to the marketers back then. They knew that if the product was visible whenever from wherever, they’d have a real hit product on their hands. Maybe that was why they made everything so big… cars, cell phones, yeah you name it, everything!

Maybe that’s the reason why someone (awesomely clever) created the first and best ever USB Mp3 player to speak to our every need to bring back the awesomeness of the ’80s. So how about it! Rejoice over the new and cool Brick Phone a’la back to the future style!

It will set you back a mere $23, but remember that when you pull this one out of your backpack you’ll be the cool of the day no matter where you are. Bring it and ping it! The best part would be if you connected it to your awesome black MacBook while on the subway or the bus. Tell your neighbor that you have to charge your phone and you’ll have a ton of questions to answer. This should make that ride from home to work a lot more fun and also a lot faster. Bring the ’80s!

The USB Retro Mobile MP3 Player is available at so hurry up and become the next imaginary cast member of the ’80s hit movie Wall Street!