Buckle Up: Keep Track Of Your Keys The Geek Way!

Recycling is a subject close to the heart for many people. Not only is it fun, but it will also have a huge impact on our environment if we all start to be a little bit more careful about what we do with our old and banged up stuff we no longer want to entertain us. Some recycled products are more fun than others, and some have long since lost their original purpose and instead function as something else. However, the usefulness remains and that’s what recycling is all about, to make sure a product’s lifespan is as long as possible so that we don’t need to throw away everything just because its regular use has run out.

Thabto, a London based design studio, has had a string of really interesting projects shown to the public and all of them are on sale in their online store. However, this one stands out from the rest, at least that’s what I feel. It’s a buckle from a car that has been recycled and is now used as a key chain hanger. All you really need to do is attach the buckle itself to a wall or a holder, and when you return home, the little hinch on your key chain is clicked into the buckle and your keys are kept safe until the next time you need to leave the house.

The “Buckle Up” key chain holder is as genius as it is fun. Stack a few of these on your wall for the kids, and you will be sure they will always know where their keys are. After all, the buckle is all about keeping things safe, right? The Buckle Up key chain holder sells for $24, and I think anyone would do quite well in buying one or two of these babies. You can find them over at Thabto’s Online Store.