Budweiser Buddy Cup: The Beer Glass That Adds Friends On Facebook

Do you like drinking beer and making friends? Budweiser’s Buddy Cup helps you do both at the same time. The Buddy Cup is integrated with your Facebook profile, and it makes adding friends while toasting drinks a seamless experience. According to Say Why Do I, toasting originated from an ancient tradition of offering your drink to God.

Now in 2013, toasting has just received a technological upgrade to enable you to use your drink glass to offer your Facebook account to new friends. The bottom of the beer glass has an embedded high-tech microchip. At the start of the night, participants take a picture of the chip with their smartphones to connect their cups with their Facebook profiles.

Then each time you clink glasses with another enabled Buddy Cup, a red LED light confirms that you have successfully connected on Facebook also. Enjoying a few drinks has always been a popular way to meet new friends. Now it could also help increase your Facebook friend list. Using a similar concept and technology to popular social app Bump, the Buddy Cup will help you keep your phone in your pocket while exchanging contact details thus providing a more natural social experience when making new friends.

It’s easy to see how this technology could be integrated with other social networks and used as a networking tool at conferences and events. But for now, it looks like you’ll have to attend a Budweiser sponsored event in Brazil to enjoy a few beers while adding your new Facebook friends via Buddy Cups.

As social media evolves with technology, it’s refreshing to see the technology being used to actually make it more ‘social.’ So are you ready to let a beer glass post a message on your timeline letting your contacts know that you’ve just made a new friend while drinking Budweiser? If so then check out the official video from Budweiser Brazil and watch this space.

The Buddy Cup Adds Friends On Facebook

Buddies connect on Facebook with the Buddy Cup

Image & Video Credits: [YouTube]