Is Your Business Tapping Into The Power Of AI Chatbots?

Chatbots are increasingly becoming critical to the marketing and customer support functions in an organization. Whether it is answering customer queries, guiding them through transactions, or providing information – chatbots are changing the way a business interacts and engages with its key stakeholders. Bring AI and Multilingual Chatbots into the picture; we realize that what we have tapped into is just the tip of the iceberg!

Want to understand how chatbots are making all of this possible for businesses? Let’s dive in right away! Chatbots are now available on almost every platform and are continually learning and improving with each encounter with human beings. In fact, in the recent US mid-term elections, non-profits used them to interact with voters with exciting results.

While advanced chatbots may use sophisticated natural language processing systems, many simpler ones simply listen in for keywords within the input, then put together a reply with the closest keywords, or the most similar sounding or spoken word pattern, from within a database. An article in Medium had predicted with much optimism that by the year 2020, some 85% of all customer interactions would be processed with AI and no human.

A more efficient use of NLP (Natural language processing) that enables aggregation and augmentation would be the best way to make this possible. Let’s take a look at some of the ways in which chatbots can use AI to glean information and assist in resolving customer queries.

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Contextual Chatbots

They use information that is from within the context – Bots try to predict a customer’s behavior in real-time by taking note of their action on the website, search engines, landing pages, etc. Doing this requires a massive amount of data as the bots also take into account the user’s past actions and preferences on the website or a mobile app.

Reduce Cart Abandonment

Bots can be used to send predefined messages to visitors who do not complete their purchase on a website, taking up the rate of conversions on a website. Potential customers can be gently reminded about the items in their shopping cart or even enticed by attractive discounts or perks!

24/7 Availability

A chatbot is not restricted by working hours or holidays. This ensures a smooth user journey, their queries getting resolved as soon as they arise. The chatbots are also programmed to route a query to the concerned team or person in case there is a need for human interaction. Having a smooth query handling mechanism also helps a business build trust, credibility, and loyalty with its existing and potential customers.

Pre-Emptive Support

AI-powered chatbots can enhance the user experience by having a data-backed understanding of customer behavior and can aid and advice as necessary. Imagine going to a website looking for the best home loan rates and having a bot come to your assistance to help you with the various finance options. Wouldn’t that be great!

Language Processing In Chatbots

It requires a special skill-set, inside knowledge and processes, to “translate” AI-based chatbots, i.e., to make them multilingual. Not every translation agency is capable of doing this. And you cannot just use any machine translation!

Looking at the future, one thing is clear: that while chatbots are becoming more and more essential to creating the right kind of user experience and are vital for building brand loyalty, the extent to which a chatbots can replace humans in critical support functions will depend a lot on the investments a business is willing to make to rope in the right systems and processes.

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