Snap Camera Is Perfect For Random Point-And-Shoot Pictures

Our smartphones are by far our most common camera device today. It’s easy to carry around, and it takes great pictures. What more could you want in a camera, right? Not only that, but you can edit your photos on your smartphone as well. And as if that wasn’t enough, you can even share your pictures with other people. The one thing it’s really bad at is actually being ready when you want to take a picture. The interface of the smartphone just doesn’t allow for a quick and standby readiness it seems. The Snap camera is an attempt to solve that problem. It’s an always active and ready to shoot camera that with a single press of a button will take pictures instantly, no matter how fast the moment sneaks up on you.

The Snap camera is a concept design by David Munscher and could potentially capture more quality photos than any smartphone camera could ever do. The Snap camera is worn on the finger and is activated by a thumb button easily accessible when you hold the camera. It also makes for a perfect point-and-shoot camera to use at events and in places where there are a lot of things happening at once. The downside is that this camera could unfortunately also become a quite popular camera among stalkers and paparazzis if it is ever realized.

The Canon Snap camera is just a concept design meant to inspire a new approach when it comes to a camera’s readiness. There is yet to be a camera that is mobile enough and still on constant standby if the perfect picture reveals itself from randomness. Whether we’ll see the Snap camera realized is hard to say. However, since the camera was developed as a contribution to the Designtope Design Awards 2006, there is a little glimpse of hope that it will actually one day see the light of day. There can never be enough geeky camera concepts to choose from. This one is definitely one of the better concepts I have seen for an always active camera.

David Munscher’s Canon Snap Camera Concept

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