Can’t Afford an iPad? – Get an iNotePad!

This is great! The next generation iPad is here! Introducing the iNotePad. According to, the iNotePad has been carefully crafted to be compatible with all kinds of hardware, including: pen, pencil and crayon.

Like the original iPad, this sixty-page notepad can be used in all orientations. Everyone knows that Apple created the iPad, but I’m happy to report that Nice Pear created this iNotePad. Apparently Shed, the guy who came up with this whole concept, changed his name to Hans Jobs. Go figure.

This Wi-Fi-less gadget is guaranteed to never crash. It is perfect for all your doodling, picture drawing, coloring and sketching needs. The funniest part of this whole spoof is the video below. Believe it or not, this is a real product you can buy. Shipping begins in October 2010. You can preorder yours here.

[via likecool, shedsimove]